Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (October 9, 1997) -- A project to install a new water distribution system that will serve more than 200 residents in Dorchester County will receive a financial boost thanks to State assistance.

Governor Parris N. Glendening yesterday announced Board of Public Works approval of a $455,000 grant for the installation of the new water distribution system, which will include new water mains, water meters and fire hydrants to replace the existing deteriorated system.

Chaired by the Governor, the Board of Public Works also is comprised of Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein and Treasurer Richard N. Dixon. The board is empowered by the General Assembly to approve construction and consultant contracts, equipment purchases, property transactions and other procurement actions.

"This project will provide a water distribution system that will ensure water pressure and fire protection for its customers," said Governor Glendening. "I am very pleased that this important project will begin soon."

In addition to the State grant, the Dorchester County Sanitary District is contributing $65,000 for a total project cost of $520,000. Construction will begin this month and will be completed in January 1998.

"The Dorchester County Commissioners are very appreciate of the State's efforts to assist this water system, which is a critical service to the many citizens living in the service area," said Jeffrey C. Powell, president of the Dorchester County Commissioners. "Dorchester County wishes to express its official support of the efforts to obtain funding to assist this system and thanks the State for its cooperation and assistance."