Press Release

BALTIMORE (January 15, 1998) -- The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) today announced that the towns of Boonsboro and Keedysville in Washington County have agreed to form a regional water system to provide a safe and adequate water supply to the communities for many years to come.

The agreement, which includes the creation of a regional board with representatives from each town, allows for the fast-track completion of the water filtration plants, as well as provisions for equitable rates for customers in both towns. Pre-construction costs associated with the project, including an engineering study and design, will be split between the towns based on actual water use. Eighty-five percent of the cost will be provided by Boonsboro, while Keedysville, the smaller community, will pay the remaining 15 percent of the cost. The project also provides the water meters for all customer connections.

"By working together, the towns will provide their citizens with a cost-effective way of building and operating treatment plants," said Maryland Secretary of the Environment Jane T. Nishida. "In addition to the $1.5 million grant that Maryland has already committed toward the construction of the water filtration plants, the state is prepared to seek an additional $1.4 million in low interest loans for the regional system."

MDE worked with the towns for more than a year to finalize the agreement for improved water treatment equipment as required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The department has determined that the springs serving the communities are at risk of contamination by surface water.