Governor’s Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (March 18, 1998) -- Fostering public health and protection of the environment through the review of the long-term management of solid waste in Maryland, Governor Parris N. Glendening today appointed 12 Marylanders to the Solid Waste Management Task Force.

The creation of the task force was prompted by recent national trends and economic forces that have resulted in the export and interstate transport of solid waste for disposal in locations outside of the political boundaries of the jurisdictions where the waste was generated. Many Maryland local governments are now closing county owned landfills and transporting waste out of State for disposal as well as accepting waste from outside of Maryland's borders for disposal in privately-owned landfills in Maryland.​

"The work of the task force will be of great importance in providing meaningful recommendations and solutions on the management of solid waste in our State," said Governor Glendening. "The citizens of Maryland have expressed interest in, and should have the opportunity to participate in county solid waste management planning and in helping to determine the locations of solid waste facilities."

Established by Executive Order, the task force will make recommendations for the development, planning and implementation of a long-range policy on solid waste management in Maryland by evaluating: regionalization/opportunities for waste management activities; local government's role in the siting of refuse disposal systems and the state's permitting authorities for environmental protection; State and local government responsibilities for solid waste management and privatization; financial obligations of local and State governments for solid waste management; and the advantages and disadvantages of importing and exporting of solid waste. The task force also will conduct public meetings throughout the state to solicit citizen input.

Governor Glendening has appointed the following members to the Solid Waste Management Task Force:

  • Edwin G. Richards, Chairperson, citizen of Caroline County and former Administrator for Caroline County;
  • Honorable Clinton S. Bradley, III, President, Talbot County Council;
  • Honorable Robert Willey, Easton, Maryland Town Councilman;
  • Dan Williams, Bureau Chief of Solid Waste for Calvert County;
  • William H. Davis, Sr., Area Vice President for Collection Operations, Browning-Ferris, Inc.;
  • Pamela Metz Kasemeyer, Executive Director of the Maryland Delaware Solid Waste Association;
  • Melvin L. Kelly, President of K & K Trash Removal, Inc.;
  • Torrence E. Lewis, District Manager and Representative for Government Affairs, USA Waste Services, Inc.;
  • Rev. Clark S. Aist, Ph.D., President of the Mattaponi Citizens Association;
  • Richard S. Alper, Attorney, Frank, Bernstein, Conaway and Goldman;
  • Katharina E. DeHaas, President, Forks of the Patuxent Improvement Association; and
  • Loretta Coleman Walls, President, Millington Quality of Life Preservation Coalition, Inc.

Richard Collins, Director of the Waste Management Administration of the Maryland Department of the Environment; James Peck, Director of the Maryland Environmental Service; and Robin Depot, Executive Director of the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority also will serve on the task force, as well as a member of the Maryland Senate and the House of Delegates.