Governor’s Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (June 26, 1998) -- A project to improve the water supply system of the Potomac Heights community in Charles County received financial assistance Wednesday thanks to Board of Public Works approval of a $500,000 grant. The work involves constructing a deep production well and creating greater space between water and sewer mains.

"This project is an excellent example of our efforts to improve our established communities through Smart Growth policies," said Governor Parris N. Glendening. "This effort will result in improved drinking water quality for Potomac Heights."

In addition to the State grant, both the Potomac Heights community and the federal government are contributing $125,000. Construction will begin in October 1998 on the production well and the rest of the project will be completed in October 1999.

"Charles County government, in cooperation with the Potomac Heights Mutual Homeowners Association, are working to correct serious water and sewer problems in the Potomac Heights community," said County Administrator Eugene T. Lauer. "This grant will allow the proper separation of water and sewer mains for the health and safety of residents."

Chaired by Governor Glendening, the Board of Public Works also is comprised of Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein and Treasurer Richard N. Dixon. The Board is empowered by the General Assembly to approve construction and consultant contracts, equipment purchases, property transactions and other procurement actions.​