Press Release

BALTIMORE -- As part of Maryland's effort to recognize the environmental and economic benefits of eliminating or reducing pollution at its source during National Pollution Prevention Week (September 21-27), the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is offering free internet training at its Baltimore office to the first 40 businesses that apply. The training will help participants navigate the web to access the latest technological advances for their type of business.

Pollution prevention can save businesses time and money by reducing raw materials, waste disposal, and other environmental control costs. In order to promote pollution prevention and reduce the amount of chemicals released into the Chesapeake Bay watershed, MDE is encouraging businesses to participate in Businesses for the Bay. More than 180 companies, including 36 in Maryland, have agreed to explore and implement ways their companies can prevent pollution and then share their experiences. Maryland Secretary of the Environment Jane Nishida and EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator W. Michael McCabe also are encouraging federal facilities located in Maryland to participate.

For more information about Businesses for the Bay, MDE's Pollution Prevention Program, and the free internet training, contact Laura Armstrong of MDE at (410) 631-4119.