Press Release

BALTIMORE -- A moisture density gauge containing nuclear material that was owned by the Maryland State Highway Administration was stolen from a locked highway project office located at 9315 Annapolis Road, Lanham, Maryland. The theft occurred sometime between 2:30 p.m. on November 27 and 6 a.m. on November 30.

The portable device is used to measure the moisture and density of soil. The radioactive material is Cesium-137 and Americium-241. The device was taken without its case, however, the device padlock that is used to secure the radioactive source in its shielded compartment was locked. The radioactive material is not a threat to the public as long as it remains intact within its shielded compartment. The nuclear gauge is yellow in color and identified as a Troxler model 3440, serial number 16104.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this device should reportit immediately to the Prince George's County Police District 2 Investigation Section at (301) 390-2160, or Jack Zies with the Maryland State Highway Administration at (301) 678-6134, or the Maryland Department of the Environment's Radiological Health Program at (410) 243-8700.