Governor’s Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (January 14, 1999) -- A project to provide sewer service to homes along Clarke Road in St. Mary’s County yesterday received Board of Public Works approval of a $170,000 grant.

"This project will improve public health by eliminating groundwater contamination and preventing surface water contamination caused by failing septic systems," said Governor Parris N. Glendening. "Protection of public health is one of the most important responsibilities of government."

In addition to the State grant, the St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission is contributing $66,000. The project began last October and will be completed this month.

"This is the second ‘self-help’ sewer project to be constructed in Maryland," said Steve King, director of the St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission. "The residents’ sweat equity will reduce construction costs by more than 50 percent. The State grant was needed to buy materials, supplies and equipment rentals in order to make the cost affordable."

Chaired by Governor Glendening, the Board of Public Works also is comprised of Comptroller Robert L. Swann and Treasurer Richard N. Dixon. The Board is empowered by the General Assembly to approve major construction and consultant contracts, equipment purchases, property transactions and other procurement actions.