Press Release

AQUASCO, MD (April 21, 2000) - The Unified Command Team has instructed cleanup teams to prepare for severe weather this weekend. Previously removed booms that are stored on the shorelines will be anchored down to prevent movement. In addition, cleanup crews will place skimmers in strategic areas in preparation for any inclement weather conditions.

Oil cleanup crews continue working on the Patuxent River. The cleanup crews are being especially careful not to disturb the sandy beach areas where the Diamondback Terrapins nest. The terrapin rescue teams are advising the cleanup crews in the nesting areas.

Statements Below are Advisories

The entire Patuxent River is open to vessel traffic. However, there are creeks that remain boomed off. A Marine Information Broadcast (MIB) is in effect. An MIB is a U.S. Coast Guard issued radio broadcast that announces the transit conditions of the river. Commercial and recreational craft are not to cross boomed areas. In addition, vessels are asked to keep the wake down where booms or cleanup crews are present. Inquiries from commercial vessels requiring transit into boomed areas can be directed to Coast Guard activities Baltimore Port Safety and Security at (410) 576-2693. Recreational users should contact the on-scene Maryland Natural Resources police officer at (888) 584-3110.

All advisories relating to fish, crabs, oyster and clam beds, and beaches and shorelines are still in effect.