Press Release

AQUASCO, MD (May 12, 2000) -- Thirty mallards that were oiled due to the April 7 Chalk Point oil spill have been rehabilitated and are ready to be returned to their natural environment. The Patuxent River has been sufficiently cleaned for their safe release.


Release of 30 rehabilitated mallard ducks by the Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary


Pepco’s Hallowing Point Lab, Hallowing Point, Maryland
From Washington, DC, take Route 5 South. Take a left on 381. Take another left on 231 (to Benedict). After crossing the Patuxent River bridge (Benedict), take an immediate right onto the gravel road by the "no outlet" sign. Proceed to Pepco’s Hallowing Point Lab.


Monday, May 15, 2000, 10 AM


Representatives of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary and Pepco