Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (November 14, 2000) – Families can celebrate America Recycles Day with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) at Port Discovery, the kid-powered museum in downtown Baltimore, Wednesday, Nov. 15, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. The museum is located at 35 Market Place.

MDE, in conjunction with the Maryland Environmental Service and the Maryland Recycling Coalition, is sponsoring an interactive display promoting recycling to kids and their parents. Also on hand will be the American Plastics Council’s "PlastiVan," which gives school age children the opportunity to learn about recycling and recycled products in a hands-on experience. MDE’s mascot, Captain Cleanup, will also be making a guest appearance.

"Recycling is one of the great success stories in America's crusade to protect the environment and preserve natural resources," said MDE Secretary Jane Nishida, noting that Americans have undergone a fundamental change in attitude about recycling over the past four decades. America Recycles Day has been part of the growing recycling awareness effort for the last three years.

"To celebrate America Recycles Day, each of us can do our part by pledging to buy products with higher recycled content and by increasing our recycling efforts at home and work," Nishida added. And those making formal pledges to recycle stand to win significant prizes.

The grand prize, an 1,800 square-foot "American Green Dream House" -- made from high quality recycled products and energy-efficient materials -- to be built on a site of the winner’s choosing. Children pledging to do their part to clean the environment (cleaning their room does not count) will be entered to win a trip to Disney World.

Pledges must be mailed to the Maryland Department of the Environment, 2500 Broening Highway, Baltimore, Md. 21224, by Nov. 20. Pledge cards are available in county public libraries. Or visit the Maryland Recyclers’ Coalition website at: or to pledge online. Each entry received will be entered into a national random drawing to be held on Dec. 15.

America Recycles Day efforts in Maryland are sponsored by Maryland’s Departments of the Environment and Transportation, the American Plastics Council, Verizon Communications’ Directory Services, Constellation Energy Corporation, Maryland Environmental Service, the Harford County Office of Recycling, the Howard County Bureau of Environmental Services, Middle River Aircraft Systems, Partners Quality Recycling Services and Southeast Paper Recycling Company.

To find out what you can do to increase recycling, visit MDE’s website at