Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (August 29, 2001) – Governor Parris N. Glendening today announced Maryland Board of Public Works approval of a $250,000 grant for Charles County to assist in relocating an effluent outfall of a local wastewater treatment plant.

“Protecting Maryland’s ecological heritage is a top priority and a vital part of the State’s high quality of life and continued economic strength,” said Governor Glendening. “This project will protect shellfish beds and harvesting areas by relocating the outfall pipe further offshore helping to ensure that these areas will grow and flourish well in the future for the benefit of all Marylanders.”

The funding, from the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Water Quality Infrastructure Program, will lead to the construction of 1,100 feet of 12-inch high density polyethylene pipe for the relocation of a Cliffton Wastewater Treatment Facility outfall, which discharges into the Potomac River. Approximately 900 feet of the pipe will be installed via directional drilling with the remaining portion placed on the riverbed and anchored.

Installation of the pipe will include diffusers, fittings, anchors, replacement of an existing tie-in manhole, restoration, sediment and erosion controls.

Total cost of the relocation is estimated at $872,000, of which the local share will be $372,000.