Press Release

(BALTIMORE, MD) September 16, 2009 - The Maryland Board of Public Works today approved $119,216,600 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act clean water grants and low-interest loans of 0 or 1 percent for water infrastructure projects estimated to create hundreds of jobs, protect public health, and improve both water quality and drinking water. All 24 Maryland jurisdictions are proposed to receive funding, and each of Maryland’s three designated “Environmental Benefit Districts” will receive a grant. The Board is composed of Governor Martin O’Malley, Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp, and Comptroller Peter Franchot.

“Maryland has tremendous water infrastructure needs across the State, so we’re pleased today to approve grants and low-interest loans from President Obama’s clean water recovery funding that will benefit every jurisdiction. These projects will improve water quality, protect drinking water, and save and create jobs,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “Today’s recovery funding also allows us to provide additional grants for worthy ‘green infrastructure’ and water and energy efficiency projects.”

In June, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded the Maryland Department of the Environment $121.6 million to fund Maryland water quality and drinking water projects under President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). MDE received more than $3.7 billion in requests for funding from towns and counties across the State. Per MDE’s extensive screening process to review nearly 600 applicants for ARRA funding, every county in Maryland is proposed to receive clean water recovery funding.

Today, in addition to previous funding approvals, the Board approved $92,784,600 in grants and low-interest loans for clean water projects and $26,432,000 in grants and low-interest loans for drinking water projects. The grants and loans are estimates that could change on actual bids due in September.

Funding was approved today for the following projects:

Allegany County

  • Braddock Run Interceptor Rehab

    Estimated grant $1,371,982

  • Mt. Savage Water Transmission

    Estimated grant $815,000

  • Savage Dam Non-Point Source (Allegany, Upper Potomac River Comm., WSSC)

    Estimated grant $6 million

Anne Arundel County

  • Urban Watershed Impervious Surface Recovery

    Estimated grant $562,237

  • Clements Creek Stormwater Restoration

    Estimated grant $450,000

  • Dennis Point Home Owner’s Association Living Shoreline Project

    Estimated grant $506,960

  • Chesapeake Bay Trust Franklin Manor

    Estimated grant $596,000

  • Chesapeake Bay Trust Shady Cove

    Estimated grant $612,000

  • Chesapeake Bay Trust Annapolis Landing

    Estimated grant $102,000

  • Chesapeake Bay Trust Southdown Shores

    Estimated grant $97,000

  • Chesapeake Bay Trust Berrywood

    Estimated grant $97,000

  • Eastport 39" Sewer Rehab

    Estimated loan $1.23 million

  • Second Street Back Creek Force Main

    Estimated loan $1.1 million

Baltimore County

  • Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant Enhanced Nutrient Removal

    Estimated loan $6 million

  • Pleasure Island Beach Shoreline Enhancement

    Estimated grant $2.25 million

Baltimore City

  • Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant Enhanced Nutrient Removal

    Estimated grant $6 million

  • Westport Dryswale Creation (Environmental Benefits District)

    Estimated grant $229,724

  • Westport Waterfront Tidal Wetlands Creation

    Estimated grant $576,380

  • Montebello Plant 2 Water Reservoir Cover

    Estimated loan $6 million

  • Retrofit low flow toilets, sinks, urinals etc.

    Estimated grant $2,636,900

Calvert County

  • D Street Sewer Improvement

    Estimated loan $1.56 million

Caroline County

  • Federalsburg I&I Sewer Maple Ave. & South Main St.

    Estimated grant $400,936

  • Replace Rotating Biological Reactor w/Parkson Geo-Reactor

    Estimated grant $382,500

  • Federalsburg Stormwater Management Marshyhope - Bay filter

    Estimated grant $1,235,000

Carroll County

  • Water Meter Installation

    Estimated grant $400,000

Charles County

  • Willow Lane Pump Station

    Estimated loan $5 million

  • Willow Lane Sanitary Sewer Upgrade

    Estimated loan $1 million

Cecil County

  • Rising Sun Water Meters Rehab

    Estimated grant $674,940

Dorchester County

  • Susquehanna Point, Madison, and Woolford Sewers

    Estimated grant $2,239,385

  • Vienna Wastewater Treatment Plant - PS Energy Efficiency Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Monitoring System

    Estimated grant $1,509,512

  • Elliott Island Living Shoreline Restoration

    Estimated grant $2,448,251

  • Hurlock Route 392 Pump Station Upgrade

    Estimated loan $250,000

Frederick County

  • Ballenger Creek - McKinney Enhanced Nutrient Removal Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

    Estimated loan $6 million

Garrett County

  • Mt. Lake Park Water (contract 2)

    Estimated grant $733,000

Harford County

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Concrete Repair

    Estimated loan $248,000

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Structural Protective Coating

    Estimated loan $867,000

  • Methane Gas Management

    Estimated loan $119,000

  • Gravity Thickener Center Drive

    Estimated loan $119,000

  • Replace Return Pumps at Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Estimated loan $297,500

Howard County

  • Guilford Gardens Re-development

    Estimated grant $100,000

  • Tall Maple Court Stream Restoration

    Estimated grant $120,074

  • BALT/WASH Industrial Park Stormwater Retrofit

    Estimated grant $187,500

  • Little Patuxent Parallel Sewer Construction

    Estimated loan $2,768,915

Kent County

  • Chester River Tributary Stream Stabilization

    Estimated grant $135,000

  • Cypress Street Stream Restoration

    Estimated grant $35,000

  • Stillpond Erosion Control (Wetland) Project

    Estimated grant $548,925

Montgomery County

  • Ashton Pond And Wetland Restoration Project

    Estimated loan $669,000

  • Woodley Gardens Park Stream Restoration

    Estimated loan $1.89 million

  • 7101 New Hampshire Linden Ave Wetland System for SWM

    Estimated grant $160,000

  • Germantown Estates Stormwater Management Pond Retrofit

    Estimated grant $305,946

  • Green Roof Municipal Building Deck

    Estimated grant $70,000

  • Rockville Energy Conservation

    Estimated grant $1,309,500

Prince George’s County

  • Montpelier Mansion Low Impact Upper Patuxent

    Estimated grant $400,000

  • Beaverdam Site 104 wetland restoration site

    Estimated grant $351,900

  • Lower Anacostia Sewer Lining (Environmental Benefits District)

    Estimated grant $4 million

Queen Anne’s County

  • Bloomfield North Building Permeable Paving

    Estimated grant $200,000

  • Centreville MD 304 Sanitary Sewer Upgrade

    Estimated loan $599,200

  • Centreville MD 213 Sanitary Sewer Upgrade

    Estimated loan $1,409,100

St. Mary’s County

  • Marley-Taylor Water Reclamation Facility Methane Power Co-Generation

    Estimated grant $3.43 million

Somerset County

  • Crisfield Water Meter

    Estimated grant $596,521

  • ECI Water Treatment and Supply

    Estimated grant $6 million

  • Rhodes Pt. Southern Water Works

    Estimated grant $207,965

Talbot County

  • Chesapeake Bay Trust Cooperative Oxford Lab

    Estimated grant $183,500

  • Talbot County Biosolids Facility - Solar panels/wind turbine

    Estimated grant $2.7 million

  • Easton Sewer Force Main Relocation (Environmental Benefits District)

    Estimated grant $1,146,000

  • Tanyard Branch Wetland Restoration

    Estimated grant $326,000

  • Oxford Water Meter Upgrade

    Estimated grant $270,000

Washington County

  • Burnside Br. Rd. Stream Bank Stabilization

    Estimated grant $400,000

  • Lehmans Mill Rd. Stream Bank Stabilization

    Estimated grant $425,000

  • I&I Reduction Project #2 (Sewer Rehab)

    Estimated loan $1.45 million

  • Hagerstown Collection System Rehab Phase I

    Estimated grant $1,422,563

  • Williamsport Water Infrastructure (Water Meter Portion)

    Estimated grant $998,400

  • West End Reservoir Tank Phase II

    Estimated loan $3.3 million

Wicomico County

  • Beaglin Park Dam Non-Point Source Upgrade

    Estimated grant $50,000

  • Hebron Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Sludge Removal

    Estimated grant $272,290

  • Fitzwater Street Storm Drain Replacement

    Estimated grant $35,000

  • Delmarva Power Sewage Lift Station

    Estimated loan $1,211,800

  • Hebron Sewage Pump Station No.1 Chestnut Street

    Estimated grant $263,100

  • Salisbury Water Tower

    Estimated loan $1,846,139, estimated grant $293,635

Worcester County

  • Pocomoke City Enhanced Nutrient Removal

    Estimated grant $500,000

  • Berlin Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

    Estimated grant $1.5 million

  • Pocomoke City Well

    Estimated grant $350,000