Press Release

Baltimore, Maryland) April 1, 2009 - The Maryland Board of Public Works approved $180,000 in grants to reduce nitrogen from septic systems and improve drinking water supplies to protect public health. The Board is comprised of Governor Martin O’Malley, Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp, and Comptroller Peter Franchot.

“It is critical that we improve drinking water supplies to protect public health and the environment for all Marylanders,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “Connecting citizens to quality public water supplies and upgrading water treatment plants is critical to ensure that our citizens have quality drinking water.”

The following projects were approved in the following locations:

  • Hollywood Well Arsenic Remediation – St. Mary’s County

    The $100,000 grant will connect the existing Hollywood drinking water system to the greater Lexington Park water system through the St. Mary’s Industrial Park, allowing the existing well to be taken off line. The Hollywood water service area is supplied by a well that consistently exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s Maximum Contaminant Level for arsenic.

  • Port Deposit Water Treatment Plant Upgrade – Cecil County

    This $50,000 grant will upgrade the existing water treatment plant to provide reliable treatment to meet the safe drinking water standards. The proposed improvements involve rehabilitation, replacement, and upgrade of old facilities and associated equipment.

  • J.R. Enterprises, LLP, Ronald Eyre (General Partner) – Howard County

    This $30,000 grant increase, in addition to a previous grant of $60,000 from the Bay Restoration Fund, will upgrade an on site sewage disposal facility on at the Inwood Shopping Center. Once fully installed, the upgraded facilities will reduce more than 320 pounds of nitrogen annually from going into local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.