Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (March 20, 2009) The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and Maryland Technology Extension Service (MTES) announced that they will be offering an Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation course for Maryland manufacturing companies starting on May 13, 2009. The program works with groups of three to five businesses at a time, and forty-four Maryland manufacturers have taken advantage of the program to date.

"The Environmental Management System implementation program has helped dozens of Maryland companies take advantage of the economic benefits of going beyond environmental compliance,” said MDE Secretary Shari T. Wilson. “We encourage businesses to participate."

“Participating in this program was a wonderful experience,” said Tom Loudon, Vice President of Production, EU Services. “As a result our company will be a better corporate citizen.”

The MDE/MTES program assists manufacturing organizations in implementing environmental management systems based on the ISO 14001 standard. This is accomplished through four training sessions, spaced six weeks apart, followed by specific work assignments and individual meetings with the program facilitator. The program offers participants technical assistance in implementing cost-saving pollution prevention practices and technologies. The implementation phases are designed so that the organization puts the environmental management system in place at a pace that is manageable and that delivers measurable results from the outset. Environmental Protection Agency grants cover all costs of instruction, materials, and implementation and technical assistance.

Environmental Management Systems

Environmental management systems (EMSs) help organizations systematically identify, measure, and manage their environmental impacts. Organizations that have implemented EMSs have:

  • improved their environmental regulatory compliance;
  • resolved and prioritized organizational issues;
  • improved efficiency, reduced environmental costs and liability;
  • increased environmental awareness, involvement, and competency throughout the organization;
  • increased top management’s participation and involvement in environmental management; and
  • improved communication both inside and outside the organization.

For more information visit: Your Business Facility/Technical Assistance/Pages/businessinfocenter/pollutionprevention/technical/iso_14001_ems.aspx