Press Release

BALTIMORE (October 21, 2007) The Maryland Department of the Environment in collaboration with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE, with the assistance of EnviroHealth Connections – a cooperative project of the Institute for Urban Environmental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health – and Maryland Public Television, are providing four lead poisoning prevention lessons in Maryland classrooms during Lead Poisoning Prevention Awareness Week, October 21-27.

Childhood lead poisoning is the number one preventable environmental health problem in Maryland and nationwide. Every year thousands of children and adults are accidentally poisoned by lead, and the tragedy is that nearly all lead poisoning is preventable.

The lesson plans in health, chemistry, environmental health, and government are available on-line at for use by all teachers. The lessons are designed to raise awareness about lead poisoning during Lead Poisoning Awareness Week; however they can be used at anytime throughout the school year. The lesson plans will include:

  • Chemistry: Students will develop a basic understanding of the physical and chemical properties of the element lead, as well as its historical and modern day uses, and how and why it is toxic to the human body.
  • Environmental Health: Students will investigate the political and social response to lead poisoning issues. They will learn why lead was banned from use in gasoline and point, how and why various government agencies and laws were established to prevent and protect the general public from lead poisoning, as well as raise awareness about lead poisoning issues.
  • Government: Students will be provided with a general overview of the issues around lead poisoning to become more aware of the dangers and effects if has on the human body. In learning about the various laws and issues, students will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the importance of lead poisoning prevention.
  • Health: Students will be provided with a general overview of the issues around lead poisoning; how to treat and prevent the disease; and learn about basic laws and regulations established to protect tenants living in properties built prior to 1950.

Throughout these lessons students will learn what they specifically can do to help prevent lead poisoning in their own families, as well as where to go for more information.

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