Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (October 1, 2007) – The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) today signed a Consent Order requiring Constellation Power Source Generation, Inc. (“Constellation”) and BBSS, Inc. (“BBSS”) to pay a $1 million penalty and clean up contamination from fly ash disposal. This significant penalty demonstrates MDE’s commitment to protect Maryland’s groundwater and the health of its citizens. Under the terms of the Consent Decree, Constellation and BBSS are required to remediate groundwater contamination resulting from fly ash reclamation operations at the Waugh Chapel and Turner gravel pits owned by BBSS; replace drinking water supplies in the vicinity of the site; monitor groundwater conditions; and pay a penalty. The Consent Decree requires Constellation and BBSS to investigate, design, and remediate groundwater contamination pursuant to plans to be reviewed and approved by the Department. BBSS and Constellation have already provided temporary connections to the County water supply for six residences. Under the decree, those homes and 34 other properties will be provided alternate water supplies. MDE is also requiring Constellation and BBSS to conduct on-going monitoring of groundwater.

“MDE will continue to place highest priority on enforcing the laws of the State that protect public health. The State’s groundwater resources are a critical component of our drinking water supply. It is imperative that laws protecting groundwater are fully enforced” said Secretary Shari T. Wilson.” The Office of the Attorney General at the Department provided outstanding assistance in this matter.”

In addition, Constellation and BBSS are required to develop and implement a community relations plan to keep the public informed of their progress. The Department is currently investigating citizen concerns regarding dust and air pollution from the facility. The Consent Order does not limit MDE’s ability to require the correction of any such violations that may exist at the site.

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