Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (July 26, 2007) – Maryland is moving forward in charting a path for the future to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work to prevent sea level rise and coastal flooding. Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Secretary Shari T. Wilson today announces the appointment of 75 members of the Commission on Climate Change Working Groups.

“The 75 members of the working groups are critical to the mission at hand,” said Secretary Wilson. “Their broad range of expertise will prove invaluable in developing recommendations for a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges facing Maryland as a result of climate change.”

Governor Martin O’Malley signed an Executive Order on April 20 establishing the Maryland Climate Change Commission. Since that time, the Commission has met twice, including receiving a briefing from a national leader on climate change strategy and government action.

Under the Commission serve three working groups that are comprised of a broad range of stakeholders including municipalities, scientists, environmentalists, energy industry experts, Maryland businesses and citizens. The first working group meeting, which will be the Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Mitigation Working Group, is scheduled for 11 a.m. tomorrow at MDE headquarters.

The Commission, chaired by MDE, is charged with collectively developing an action plan to address the drivers and causes of climate change, prepare for the likely consequences and impacts of climate change to Maryland with and establish firm benchmarks and timetables for implementing the Commission’s recommendations.

The Commission on Climate Change is charged with addressing Maryland’s climate challenge on all fronts. The Commission and its working groups will:

  • undertake an assessment of climate change impacts, calculate Maryland’s carbon footprint, and investigate climate change dynamics with the assistance of the University System of Maryland;
  • work together with the Maryland Department of the Environment, the Maryland Energy Administration and a broad set of stakeholders, including renewable and traditional energy providers and the business community, to develop a comprehensive greenhouse gas and carbon footprint reduction strategy; and,
  • coordinate with the Maryland Departments of Natural Resources and Planning, and a comprehensive group of planners, emergency responders and environmental organizations, as well as business and insurance representatives, to develop a strategy for reducing Maryland’s vulnerability to climate change, with an initial focus on sea level rise and coastal hazards.


Following is a list of the full membership of the Commission. A copy of the Executive Order, which outlines the specific tasks for the Commission and each of the working groups, is available at:

Commission on Climate Change

  • MDE Sec. Shari T. Wilson, Chair
  • MDA Sec. Roger L. Richardson
  • DBM Sec. T. Eloise Foster
  • DBED Sec. David Edgerley
  • State School Supt. Nancy S. Grasmick
  • DNR Sec. John R. Griffin
  • MDP Sec. Richard Eberhart Hall
  • MDOT Sec. John D. Porcari
  • Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Director Andrew Lauland
  • MEA Director Malcolm D. Woolf
  • DHCD Sec. Raymond A. Skinner
  • MIA Commissioner Peggy J. Watson
  • MEMA Director John Droneburg
  • Public Service Commission Chair Steven B. Larson
  • University System of Maryland Chancellor William E. Kirwan
  • DGS Sec. Alvin C. Collins
  • Senator Brian E. Frosh
  • Senator Paul G. Pinsky
  • Senator E.J. Pipkin
  • Delegate Kumar P. Barve
  • Delegate Virginia P. Clagett
  • Delegate David D. Rudolph


Scientific and Technical Working Group

  • Donald F. Boesch, UMCES, Chair
  • William Boicourt, UMCES
  • Antonio J. Busalacchi, University of Maryland
  • Don Cahoon, U.S. Geological Services
  • Russell Dickerson, University of Maryland
  • William Eichbaum, World Wildlife Fund
  • Brian Fath, Towson University
  • Patti Glick, National Wildlife Federation
  • Raymond Hoff, UMBC
  • Curtis Larsen, Retired - Citizen
  • David Kimmel, UMCES
  • John Kostyack, National Wildlife Federation
  • Andy Miller, UMBC
  • Margaret Palmer, UMCES
  • Louis Pitelka, UMCES
  • Steve Prince, University of Maryland
  • David Secor, UMCES
  • Brian Schwartz, Johns Hopkins University
  • Claire Welty, UMBC


Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Mitigation Working Group

  • Tad Aburn, MDE, Chair
  • Malcom Woolf, MEA, Co-Chair
  • Uri Avin, Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Michelle Harris Bondima, Baltimore City Community College
  • Paul Chan, Citizen
  • William Chandler, Transition Energy
  • Drew Cobbs, Maryland Petroleum Council
  • Robert D’Amato, Office of the Comptroller
  • Robert Driscoll, Mirant
  • Nancy Floreen, Montgomery County Council
  • Jonathan Gibralter, Frostburg State University
  • Ed Guiliano, AES Warrior Run
  • Brad Heavner, Environment Maryland
  • Frank Heinz, Citizen
  • William Hellman, Rummel, Klepper & Kahl
  • Peggy Horst, W.L. Gore
  • Debra Jacobsen, DJ Consulting
  • Mark Joseph, Yellow Transportation
  • Thomas Kach, Curtis Engine & Equipment
  • Elizabeth Martin, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Mike Replogle, Environment Defense
  • Lise Van Susteren, Citizen
  • Joel Dunn, The Conservation Fund
  • Michael Mallinoff, City of Annapolis
  • Dr. Cindy Parker, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • John Quinn, Constellation Energy
  • Matthias Ruth, Center for Integrative Environmental Research
  • Scot Spencer, Annie Casey Foundation
  • John Szallay, BP Solar


Adaptation and Response Working Group

  • DNR Secretary John Griffin, Chair
  • MDP Secretary Richard Eberhart Hall, Co-Chair
  • Jenn Aiosa, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Rodney Banks, Dorchester County
  • Ronald Bowen, Anne Arundel County DPW
  • Sherwood T. Brooks, Century21 Newport Bay Realty
  • Carl Bruch, Environmental Law Institute
  • David Burke, Burke Environmental Association
  • Russell Brinsfield, UMD, Wye Research
  • Ron Cascio, Retired – Citizen
  • Phillip Conner, Marine Trade Association
  • Peter G. Conrad, Baltimore City Planning
  • Gilbert Dissen, Dissen & Juhn Corp.
  • John Frece, National Center For Smart Growth
  • Bill Giese, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Julia Gorte, Pax World Management Company
  • Lara Hansen, World Wildlife Fund
  • Lynne Heller, Citizen
  • Jason Holstine, Amicas Green Building Center
  • Jesse Houston, Ocean City Department of Planning
  • Anthony Janetos, University of Maryland
  • Joan Kean, Somerset County
  • Dennis King, UMCES
  • Peter Lefkin, Allianz of North America Corp.
  • Joseph Maheady, U.S. Green Building Council
  • Karen McJunkin, Elm Street Development
  • William Miles, Retired – Citizen
  • Joy Oaks, National Parks Conservation Assoc.
  • Robert Pace, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
  • Dru Schmidt Perkins, 1000 Friends of Maryland
  • Court Stevenson, UMCES
  • Sue Veith, St. Mary’s County