Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (June 15, 2007) – Secretary Shari T. Wilson named Jay G. Sakai as director of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Water Management Administration today after an extensive recruitment process. Mr. Sakai has substantial management experience, having served as the administrator of the City of Baltimore’s Bureau of Water and Wastewater where, for the past four years, he directed the activities of seven divisions with 1,900 employees and an operating budget of $245 million dollars.

“Mr. Sakai’s 23 years of professional experience in the management, engineering, and technical aspects of water and wastewater issues for the largest municipality in Maryland position him well to protect public health and aquatic resources and make the changes needed to advance the Bay restoration efforts,” said Secretary Wilson.

Effective August 1, Mr. Sakai will manage over 300 employees in seven water quality programs including water quality infrastructure; wastewater permits; water supply; sediment, stormwater and dam safety; wetlands and waterways; mining and compliance.

“I am thrilled about working for MDE under the leadership of Secretary Wilson,” said Mr. Sakai. “The water resources of the state, and the Chesapeake Bay in particular, face increasing challenges from growth and development. I look forward to joining the Water Management Administration team to help find new ways to address these challenges.”

Previously, Mr. Sakai also directed the technical support functions for the City of Baltimore’s Department of Public Works, an agency with more than 3,400 employees, where he administered application development contracts and large-scale information technology implementations.

He serves on the board of the Maryland Association of Municipal Wastewater Agencies. Mr. Sakai is also a member of the American Water Works Association and the American Public Works Association.

Mr. Sakai succeeds Robert M. Summers, Ph.D., who is now MDE’s Deputy Secretary. A licensed professional engineer, Mr. Sakai holds a Master of Science in Business and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.