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Public Meetings for select Discharge/NPDES Permits

​​How to Use This Page

Below on this page, you'll find a list of upcoming informational meetings and public hearings for industrial or municipal surface water discharge permits being processed by the Wastewater Permits Program, Water and Science Administration, Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).  This page will include events for industrial surface individual permits, municipal surface individual permits, and master general permits.  

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department is strongly encouraging those requesting a meeting or hearing to agree to allow the meeting to occur solely in a virtual setting.  Approval of all requestors must be provided in order to forego having the meeting or hearing in a physical setting.  For those meetings or hearings which are approved to occur virtually, the list on this page includes a link for you to sign up to attend.

NOTE: There are other units at MDE that issue discharge permits.  This page does not contain information on permits being processed for discharges exclusively to groundwater, from municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s), from oil-related facilities, or from concentrated animal feeding operations   

Documents related to each pending project - normally permit applications, existing and tentative permits, and fact sheets - are available for download by searching on MDE's Wastewater Permits Search Portal​. Enter the application/permit number in the State Number field and click search.

Background Information

What is the permitting process?

A flow diagram of the permitting process is provided below. The points in the process where an informational meeting and/or a public hearing would be held are in the red boxes.​

What is the difference between an informational meeting and a public hearing?

Informational Meetings - If requested, the Department will hold an informational meeting following publication of the application received notice for a permit application.  Informational meetings are informal. The proceedings are not transcribed. The purpose of the meeting is to allow the public to ask questions of the applicant, concerning the application they have submitted. It is also a forum for MDE to get an overview of any concerns the public has about the permit being requested. For renewals of existing permits, the Department will also present information concerning any permit that is already in place. MDE representatives will also present an overview of the public participation process, including an outline of opportunities during that process when the public may provide input.  Time is provided for questions and answers regarding the permit request.

Public HearingsIf requested, the Department will hold a public hearing following the publication of the tentative determination.  The purpose of the hearing is to receive comments from the public concerning the terms of the tentative determination. To facilitate receiving the best comments MDE will usually present a summary of the conditions in the tentative determination and go over the procedures to provide comments. Comments can be provided at the hearing or in writing at any time during the comment period. At the hearing, comments are usually presented orally, but we will also accept written comments as well. All substantive comments received during the comment period, whether received at a hearing or not, are given the same weight. Public hearing proceedings are transcribed by a court reporter.  The transcript becomes part of the record and is available to the public upon request.​

List of Hearings/Meetings

For meetings that are identified as virtual, you will need to register in advance to attend.  Please click on the link provided for the permit you are interested in, complete the Google Form.  Then, follow the GoToWebinar link provided on the confirmation page to complete the registration on the GoToWebinar site also. You are not registered for the event until you receive your GoToWebinar login information.​

Informational Meetings

  • Deep Creek Hydroelectric Station (State Permit Application 19-DP-1922) - Virtual Informational Meeting
    • Tuesday, June 22, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.
    • CLICK HERE to sign up to attend this meeting
  • Morgantown Generating Station (State Permit Modification Application 14-DP-0841C) - Virtual Informational Meeting
    • Wednesday, July 14, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.
    • CLICK HERE​ to sign up to attend this meeting

Public Hearings

  • S.E.W. Friel - Wye Mills Plant (State Permit Number 15-DP-0158) - Virtual Public Hearing
    • Tuesday, June 15, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.
    • CLICK HERE​​ to sign up to attend this hearing
  • Maryland Manor WWTP (State Permit Number 19-DP-0811) - Virtual Public Hearing
    • Wednesday, June 23, 2021, at 5:30 p.m.
    • CLICK HERE​ to sign up to attend this hearing​

Contact Info

If you have questions about a specific meeting or hearing please use the contact information in the event’s public notice.​

If you have additional general questions or would like more information, please contact the Wastewater Permits Program, Industrial & General Discharge Permits Division at 410-537-3323.  

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