Building Energy Transition Implementation Task Force

The Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022​ requires that MDE create the Building Energy Transition Implementation Task Force. The Task Force appointed members shall recommend programs, policies, and incentives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from​ the buildings sector including through the following ways: 
·         A plan for funding the retrofit of covered buildings to comply with Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS)
·         Incentives for electrification projects 
·         Commercial tax credits or direct subsidy payments for decarbonization projects 
·         Incentives through EmPOWER and other state programs for electrification 
·         Low-income household holistic retrofit targets 
·         Heat pump sales targets 
·         On-bill, low-interest financing     

The Task Force is required to provide a report to the Governor and the General Assembly by December 1, 2023. 
After its first meetin​g, the Task Force members created subgroups to share tasks to build the report:

  • ​Larg​e Buildings Covered by BEPS
  • Small Commerc​ial and Institutional B​uildings NOT Covered by BEPS 
  • Market-​Rate Housing NOT Covered by BEPS (single-family and small multifamily) 
  • Limited-Income Housing (Covered and Not Covered by BEPS)

Contact:, Climate Change Program manager

Website: ​

The Task Force and its subgroups' meeting materials are posted below by date. ​
Meeting Materials:
expand Meeting Date : 11/7/2023 ‎(7)
expand Meeting Date : 10/26/2023 ‎(4)
expand Meeting Date : 10/12/2023 ‎(3)
expand Meeting Date : 9/29/2023 ‎(2)
expand Meeting Date : 9/28/2023 ‎(3)
expand Meeting Date : 9/19/2023 ‎(4)
expand Meeting Date : 9/13/2023 ‎(4)
expand Meeting Date : 9/12/2023 ‎(2)
expand Meeting Date : 9/8/2023 ‎(4)
expand Meeting Date : 9/7/2023 ‎(3)
expand Meeting Date : 8/30/2023 ‎(3)
expand Meeting Date : 8/29/2023 ‎(3)
expand Meeting Date : 8/28/2023 ‎(4)
expand Meeting Date : 8/24/2023 ‎(4)
expand Meeting Date : 8/22/2023 ‎(3)
expand Meeting Date : 7/27/2023 ‎(6)
expand Meeting Date : 6/29/2023 ‎(5)



2023 Meeting Recordings​

Upcoming Meetings 

Meeting dates and times are subject to changes. Marylanders are invited to attend and time is set aside at all meetings for public comments.​

  • December 21st​, 10 - noon​ at MDE Headquarters and by Google Meet.​ 


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