Ground Water Status - End of October, 2019

​Drought status evaluation of Maryland ground water for the end of October, 2019

Region USGS Well ID Well Level[1] Status Regional Status
Western GA Bc 1 15.69 Normal Normal
AL Ah 1


WA Be 2 34.74 Normal
WA Bk 25 45.99 Normal
Central BA Ea 18 21.80 Normal Normal
HA Bd 31 12.47 Normal
HA Ca 23 10.89 Emergency
MO Cc 14 NA[2] Unknown
Eastern QA Cg 69 4.86 Normal Watch
WI Cg 20 7.15 Watch
SO Cf 2 5.66 Watch
Southern CH Bg 12 (unconfined) 5.94[3] Normal Normal
AA Cc 40 (confined) NA[2] Unknown
CA Fd 54 (confined) 240.36[3] On Trend[4]
CH Dd 33 (confined) 152.8 On Trend[4]
PG De 21 (confined) NA[2] Unknown
SM Fg 45 (confined) NA[2] Unknown
[1] - Measurement of water level as feet below land surface
​[2] - September values not available as of 2019-Nov-04
[3] - Value computed from real time measurement
[4] - In accordance with Maryland's drought monitoring and response plan, the impact of drought upon confined aquifers is analyzed as a departure from long term trend.
Selected ground water levels are availble from USGS at:
Data for other wells may be downloaded from:

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