Ground Water Status - End of October, 2018

​Drought status evaluation of Maryland ground water for the end of October, 2018

Region USGS Well ID Well Level[1] Status Regional Status
Western GA Bc 1 9.33 Normal Normal
AL Ah 1 3.85 Normal
WA Be 2 26.39 Normal
WA Bk 25


Central BA Ea 18 15.94 Normal Normal
HA Bd 31 6.04 Normal
HA Ca 23 4.88 Normal
MO Cc 14 28.18 Normal
Eastern QA Cg 69 2.48 Normal Normal
WI Cg 20 4.06 Normal
SO Cf 2 2.20 Normal
Southern CH Bg 12 (unconfined) 2.30 Normal Normal
AA Cc 40 (confined) NA[2] Unknown
CA Fd 54 (confined) 238.44 On Trend[4]
CH Dd 33 (confined) NA[2] Unknown
PG De 21 (confined) NA[2] Unknown
SM Fg 45 (confined) NA[2] Unknown
[1] - Measurement of water level as feet below land surface
​[2] - Not available as of 2018-Nov-07
[3] - Value computed from real time measurement
[4] - In accordance with Maryland's drought monitoring and response plan, the impact of drought upon confined aquifers is analyzed as a departure from long term trend.
Selected ground water levels are availble from USGS at:
Data for other wells may be downloaded from:

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