Reservoir Volumes and Storage for Drought Monitoring as of November 2014

99% 621 City of Cumberland Lake Gordon **** **** Lake Koon ****

City of Baltimore

Liberty 100% 362 Loch Raven 100% Prettyboy 100% Total 100%


Triadelphia Reservoir 74% 143 Rocky Gorge/Duckett Seneca Creek Reserve 100% NA All Potomac River Plants Jennings-Randolph Reserve*** 100% NA

 * Percent Full is the ratio of current volume to the maximum usable volume in each reservoir at the end of the month.

** Days of Storage is the amount of days it would take to use current volume of reservoir (w/o recharge) based on average raw water withdrawals from similar time frame from previous two years.

*** Percent full for Jennings-Randolph Reservoir is based on alloted amount of water in reservoir used to supplement Potomac River flow for drinking water purposes.

****Storage is not available as of 2014-12-17. Cumberland had 333 days of storage at the end October.

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