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Lake Monitoring

​​Maryland’s lakes are valuable natural resources that provide numerous recreational and ecological benefits such as bathing beaches, fishing and boating opportunities, freshwater aquatic life habitat, and drinking water to Maryland citizens.  Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDDNR) have recognized the need for continued lake monitoring and are partnering to address known sampling gaps and to coordinate sampling protocols.  One of the primary goals is to monitor and assess all significant (> 5 acres surface area), publicly-owned lakes in Maryland for impacts due to nutrients.  

To inform current and future lake monitoring efforts, MDE and MDDNR have jointly developed a prioritization list to identify an order in which lakes will be sampled.  MDE plans to sample 3-5 lakes per year according to the list and MDDNR will assist with other targeted sampling of State-owned Lakes.  The document below includes the rationale used to develop the list and the table of lakes prioritized for monitoring.  ​

​MDE's Prioritization Strategy for Monitoring Maryland's Lakes​

Please direct questions or comments concerning MDE's Lake Prioritization to Becky Monahan at Becky.Monahan@maryland.gov or (410) 537-3947.