Maryland's Final 2018 Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality

In compliance with Sections 303(d), 305(b), and 314 of the Clean Water Act, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is pleased to announce that the Final 2018 Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality (IR) was approved by EPA on April 9, 2019.  Please contact Becky Monahan at 410-537-3947 or with any questions.

2018 Integrated Report Fact Sheet

2018 Draft Integrated Report Announcement

2018 Public Meeting Powerpoint Presentation (2/27/18)


Maryland's Final 2018 Integrated Report of
Surface Water Quality
Portable Document Format

EPA's Letter Approving Maryland's 2018 Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality

2018_EPA_Approval_Letter (5,597 KB)

Parts A - E (Including Cover Page, Table of Contents, List of acronyms & Acknowledgements) 

2018IR_Parts_A-E_Final.pdf (2,480 KB)

Part F - F.1 (Describes Assessment List Format)

2018IR_Parts_F-F.1_Final.pdf (270 KB)

Part F.2 Category 2 Waters

2018IR_Part_F.2_Final.pdf (346 KB)

Part F.3 Category 3 Waters

2018IR_Part_F.3_Final.pdf (226 KB)

Part F.4 Category 4a Waters

2018IR_Part_F.4_Final.pdf (522 KB)

Part F.5 Category 4b Waters

2018IR_Part_F.5_Final.pdf (168 KB)

Part F.6 Category 4c Waters

2018IR_Part_F.6_Final.pdf (179 KB)

Part F.7 Category 5 Waters

2018IR_Part_F.7_Final.pdf (325 KB)

Part G - Special Assessments

2018IR_Part_G_Final.pdf (863 KB)

​Part H - Assessments that were modified after the public comment period 2018IR_Part_H_Final.pdf (222 KB)


2018IR_Part_References_Final.pdf (226 KB)