Maryland Healthy Beaches


To Report an Algae Bloom or Fish Kill

Please contact MDE at 800-285-8195 (Days) or 877-224-7229 (Nights/Weekends).


Think Healthy. Swim Healthy. Practice Healthy Beach Habits!

Maryland is famous for its pristine beaches and healthy swimming waters. Here are some things you can do to help keep it that way!

How to help prevent water-related illnesses:
  • Be sure to avoid swimming near storm drains along the beach and within 48 hours of a heavy rain event, or until the water clears.
  • Try not to swallow beach water.
  • Shower or bathe after swimming.
  • Dogs may not be allowed at some beaches. Please check before you go. If you bring a pet to the beach, dispose of its waste properly (bring small plastic bags with you.)
  • You should avoid swimming if you feel ill or have open cuts or sores. If water contact can’t be avoided, cover your open cut or sore with waterproof bandages.
  • If they are available, use diaper-changing stations in restroom facilities, or change diapers away from the waters’ edge.
  • Remember to properly dispose of used diapers.
  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water after using the bathroom or changing diapers.
  • Please take all trash with you offsite in a bag.
  • Volunteer in local beach clean up efforts.
  • Remember not to feed seagulls or other wildlife.
  • When boating, you should use an approved marina pump-out station for boat waste disposal.
  • If you see any unsafe or unhealthy conditions, be sure to report them to a lifeguard or beach manager.
  • Remember to check the Current Conditions​ page for water quality information about your beach.