Maryland Healthy Beaches

So, What's a Beach?
Beaches are places where people engage in activities that could result in the accidental swallowing of water. Maryland defines beaches as, "natural waters, including points of access, used by the public for swimming, surfing, or other similar water contact activities." In Maryland, the beach season is designated from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Check the Status of Your Favorite Beaches

Use the interactive map below to find the current conditions at your favorite beaches. To always stay informed, download our new smartphone app or sign up for one of our text or email alerts. Data is available during Maryland’s beach season, which runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Be sure to avoid swimming near storm drains along the beach and within 48 hours of a heavy rain event, or until the water clears.

  •  Open (blue)
  •  Advisory (yellow) Results for water quality samples collected from this area do not meet the State Beach Action Value.
  •  Closed (red)
  •  Algae Bloom (orange) This beach area may not be suitable for swimming due to the presence of potentially toxic algae. Please contact the local health department for more information.
  •  No Data (white) No Sampling Data Available.​