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Annual Registration Renewal For Rental Properties with Lead Paint Risk Due Before Year's End

BALTIMORE -- The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) today reminded owners of more than 30,000 rental properties that annual lead registration renewals are due to the department by December 31. The annual registration is required under the Lead Risk Reduction in Housing Act (House Bill 760), which was enacted in 1994.

The registration renewal categories are:

  • Properties built before 1950

    Registration and annual renewal are mandatory for rental units built before 1950.

  • Properties built between 1950 and 1978

    Property owners can choose whether or not to meet the risk reduction standard of care and qualify for limited liability. If property owners decide to "opt-out," they pay a $5.00 fee per rental unit per year. If property owners decide to "opt-in," they pay a $10.00 fee per rental unit per year.

  • Certified lead free

    After a unit has been certified lead free by an accredited inspector, it is not necessary to renew registration or pay annual fees. However, if the owner wants to continue to be eligible for limited liability, they must participate in the program by renewing the registration and paying the annual fee of $10.00.

For information on obtaining new registration forms for newly acquired or additional properties, contact MDE's Lead Rental Property Registry at (410) 631-4199 or 1 (800) 776-2706 (only in Maryland).