MDE Flocculants

​​​Chemical Additive Forms and Guidance​​​


Authorization for use of chemical additives as part of an NPDES permit or NPDES general permit registration is required prior to use, including the use of additives on the approved list below.​
(ppm or mg/l)
Ashland Hercules Water Tech (Solenis)Ashland ChargePac 5510CationicRequires Monitoring
Aquamark, IncAQ 109180 mg/LAnionicLand surface application
Aquamark, IncAQ 2241CationicRequires Monitoring
BiostarCH Chitosan Acetate220.8CationicRequires Monitoring
BiostarCH Chitosan Lactate263.9CationicRequires Monitoring
HaloSource / now Dober Chem 4-4-163% LiquiFloc9.4CationicRequires Monitoring
HaloSource / now Dober Chem 4-4-16Haloklear BHR - P5078.4CationicRequires Monitoring
HaloSource / now Dober Chem 4-4-16HaloKlear 4900 DBF1.4CationicRequires Monitoring
HaloSource / now Dober Chem 4-4-16HaloKlear GelFloc2.56CationicRequires Monitoring
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 702b Floc Log42Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 703d # 3 / 806 Floc Log51.8Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 702c Floc Log42Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 703d Floc Log38.3Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 706b Floc Log42Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 704f Floc Log42Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 705 Floc Log27.7Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 730 Floc Log5.6Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 712 Floc Log59.3Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 740 Floc Log5.2Anionic
HaloSource / now Dober Chem 4-4-16HaloSource LBP-2101500Anionic
HaloSource / now Dober Chem 4-4-16HaloSource DBP-210084Anionic
Innovative Turf Solutions (ITS)EnviroPam200Anionic
Innovative Turf Solutions (ITS)Erosion Guard Powder, Erosion Guard Logs/Erosion Guard Flats200Anionic
Innovative Turf Solutions (ITS)FLOC (granular)400Anionic
Innovative Turf Solutions (ITS)FLOC BAG400Anionic
Innovative Turf Solutions (ITS)FLOC SOC400Anionic
NEO SolutionsNS 6850P / NS 9179 Tablet1.3Anionic
NEO SolutionsNS 6850P / NS 9181 Logs1.3Anionic
NTUGeoScrub Bubbles1Anionic
NTUGeoScrub 10, 13, 20, 23, 3410Anionic
Soil Net LLCEM 1000(OL 1000)41.3Anionic
Soil Net LLCEM 124028Anionic
Soil Net LLCEM 134015Anionic
Soil Net LLCS550W18Anionic
Soil Net LLCS1000 - SAL8.1Anionic
Soil Net LLCSoilNet Disk A39Anionic
Soil Net LLCSoil Net - TRIPAM123Anionic
Soil Net LLCSoilNet Disk B100Anionic
ZinkanFlocREADY 1524P7.7Anionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS712 Silt Stop61.75 mg/LAnionic
Dober HaloKlearLBP 2101152.75 mg/LAnionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS702 Silt Stop6.98 mg/LAnionic
Dober HaloKlearLiquifloc 2%4.37 mg/LCationicRequires Monitoring
Carolina Hydrologic, LLCH30 PAM - granular0.18 mg/LAnionic
Carolina Hydrologic, LLCHydroLoc Floc Flat 5#, Floc Roll 2.5#, & Floc Line 2.5#1.18 mg/LAnionic
Tidal Vision, USATidal Clear 1%16.26 mg/LCationicMonitoring Required
Tidal Vision, USATidal Clear Hybrid3.69 mg/LCationicMonitoring Required
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 708x Floc Log32.08 mg/LAnionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 707a Floc Log8.96 mg/LAnionic
SeProEutroSORB WC2.05 mg/LAnionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)APS 710 Silt Stop128.34 mg/LAnionic
Applied Polymer Systems (APS)Pond Clear Plus36.54 mg/LAnionic
​Date Updated: 7/2/2020

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