Tolson Rubble Landfill

The Tol​son Rubble Landfill is located on a 199.5-acre site at the end of Capital Raceway Road in Crofton, Maryland (39.045 N, 76.706 W). In addition to the landfilling of construction and ​demolition (rubble) debris, activities at the site include surface mining, natural wood waste recycling, and composting.

Factsheet - Tolson & Associates Rubble Landfill​

Photo: Tolson Rubble Landfill liner system
Photo: A view of the protective liner and leachate collection system of Cell 1A of the Tolson Rubble Landfill on December 8, 2016. 

Solid Waste

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Solid Waste Program issued Refuse Disposal Permit 2003-WRF-0580 in 2014 for a construction and demolition debris landfill in Crofton, Anne Arundel County.  The permit requires the facility to meet all applicable environmental laws and regulations for disposal of construction and demolition debris. The permit became effective on November 24, 2014.   The permittee is Tolson & Associates, LLC, 24012 Frederick Road, Suite 200, Clarksburg MD  20871.

Special Exception to Zoning Regulations - Anne Arundel County Board of Appeals (December 1993)

Refuse Disposal Permit Application - Rubble Landfill (July 2002)

Notice of Final Determination (November 2014)

Refuse Disposal Permit No. 2003-WRF-0580 (November 2014)

Refuse Disposal Permit Application for Expanded Landfill

Tolson and Associates, LLC has applied to expand the existing landfill laterally from 72.38 acres to 118.5 acres, increase the height of the landfill from 230 feet above mean sea level (ft-msl) to 244 ft-msl, and lower the bottom of the landfill from 122 ft-msl to 100 ft-msl. The proposed expansion is estimated to provide 16 million cubic yards of additional landfill capacity. On September 10, 2019, a Public Informational Meeting was held regarding the refuse disposal permit application for the proposed expansion of the Tolson & Associates Rubble Landfill.

Special Exception - Anne Arundel County Office of Administrative Hearings (November 2016)

Refuse Disposal Permit Application - Rubble Landfill Expansion​ (April 2019)

Phase I Report - Tolson Rubble Landfill (May 2019)

Tolson & Associates, LLC Phase I Presentation (September 2019)

Air Quality

Air Quality Permit to Construct Application 

Tolson and Associates Rubble Landfill applied to install a waste concrete crushing and screening plant to their existing landfill operations.  The plant will be used to crush waste concrete for Tolson's concrete recycling operation. The crushing and screening plant will have a maximum operating capacity of 200 tons per hour and consist of the following equipment:

  • One (1) primary jaw crusher (Metso LT106);
  • One (1) secondary cone crusher (Metso LT1213);
  • One (1) Metso, 2-deck, 5’x16’ scalping screen;
  • One (1) Metso, 2-deck, 18’x5’ screen;
  • Seventeen (17) conveyors;
  • Two (2) Tier III, 100 hp diesel engines
  • One (1) Tier IVi, 252 hp diesel mobile generator;
  • One  (1) Tier IIIB/Tier IVi, 415 hp diesel engine
  • One (1) Tier II, 300 hp diesel engine;
  • Three (3) feeders;
  • One (1) hopper; and
  • Wet suppression systems for fugitive dust suppression systems for fugitive dust control.

The Department's Air and Radiation Management Administration has made a final determination to issue a Permit-to-Construct to Tolson and Associates, LLC for the project located at 1451 Capitol Raceway Road in Crofton, Maryland. More information on the final determination can be found in the documents below:

Final Determination Concerning a Permit-to-Construct (January 2020)

Notice of a Final Determination Regarding a Permit-to-Construct (January 2020)

Letter to Concern Citizens Regarding the Permit-to-Construct (January 2020)

Response to Comments Regarding the Permit-to-Construct (January 2020)

Below are earlier documents regarding the permit application: 

Tentative Determination / Fact Sheet - Permit-to-Construct (March 2019)

Draft Permit No. 003-1655-6-1252 - Permit-to-Construct (March 2019)

Tolson & Associates, LLC Concrete Crusher Presentation​

Application for Processing/Manufacturing Equipment - Permit-to-Construct (November 2018)


MDE's Mining Program has issued Surface Mining Permit No. 78-SP-0087-J to Tolson & Associates, LLC for the surface mine known as Cunningham Pit. The permit area shall not exceed 181.468 acres. To minimize the effects of mining on the environment, provide proper land reclamation, and ensure public safety, a permit is required to conduct surface mining.​

Surface Mine Permit No. 78-SP-0087-J​ (January 2​018)


MDE's Wastewater Permits Program issued registration No. 15MM-9709 on November 27, 2017, for coverage of the facility under General Discharge Permit 15MM. General Discharge Permit 15MM covers discharges from mineral mines, quarries, borrow pits, and concrete and asphalt plants.

General Discharge Permit 15MM Registration No. 15MM9709 (November 2017)

Resource Management

MDE's Resource Management Program issued General Composting Facility Registration No. 2018-GCF-0018 for the Tolson & Associates, LLC facility located at the end of Capitol Raceway Road.  The registration under the General Composting Facility Permit (GP-CF01) was effective February 20, 2018.

General Composting Facility Registration Certificate 2018-GCF-0018 (February 2018)

The Resource Management Program has also issued Secondary Scrap Tire Collection Facility License No. 2017-RSC-10701 to Tolson and Associates, LLC for the property at 1451 Capitol Raceway Road. This scrap tire license authorizes the accumulation of no more than 1,500 scrap tires, effective March 2, 2017.

Secondary Scrap Tire Collection Facility License 2017-RSC-10701 (March 2017)​

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