Maryland Used Oil Recycling Program

Aboveground tanks holding used motor oil and used antifreezeThe Maryland Used Oil Recycling Program is administered by the Maryland Environmental Service (MES) through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Maryland Department of the Environment (the Department).  MES is responsible for the construction, operation, and the routine maintenance of used oil collection facilities; providing public education and outreach programs related to the disposal of used motor oil; and maintaining an information center to educate citizens regarding the proper disposal of used motor oil.  Additionally, MES utilizes these used motor oil collection sites for the collection of related recyclables including used antifreeze and used oil filters.

Since 1988, the Maryland Used Oil Recycling Program has resulted in the collection and recycling of over 17.2 million gallons of used motor oil in the State of Maryland.  Similarly, the program has accomplished the collection and recycling of almost 911,000 gallons of used antifreeze from Maryland Do-It-Yourself automobile enthusiasts.  To view the Maryland Used Motor Oil Annual Report, please visit our Land Publications and Reports page.

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