Underground Storage Tanks

The Oil Control Program (OCP) has highly trained staff to help companies and individuals ensure that their underground storage tanks (USTs) are in compliance with State and federal regulations.  All USTs storing motor fuels, used oil or bulk heating oil should have been upgraded or replaced by December 1998 to specific technical standards or removed from the ground.  Some basic upgrade requirements are spill protection, overfill protection, and corrosion protection.  For additional information on UST compliance requirements, please view our UST Compliance Outline.

UST Registration

All regulated USTs within Maryland are required to be registered through the Underground Storage Tank Notification Program.  For additional information on UST registrations, please visit our Permit Applications page.

UST Removal, Installation, and Inspection Certification Program

Individuals who remove, install, inspect, repair, or upgrade UST systems are required to be certified by the Department to ensure all applicable regulations are met and proper and safe techniques are followed.  After passing an exam, a certification card is issued.  For additional information on UST Certifications, please visit our UST Certification Programs page.

UST Facility Summary Report

In order to verify how USTs are registered with the OCP, a search tool has been developed to assist in locating UST facilities within our UST Registration database.  Click here for the UST Facility Summary Report search tool.  The search tool will also identify whether a facility is currently under a delivery ban (see below for details).

Product Delivery Prohibition

The OCP may prohibit the delivery of product to a UST system when it is determined that the system is in significant violation of Maryland regulations.  Listed below are informational documents related to Maryland's delivery prohibition and facilities issued a delivery ban:


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