Telephone Directory Program

As required by the Annotated Code of Maryland, Environment Article 9-1709, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) must assess the recycled content of directory stock used by telephone directory publishers in telephone directories distributed in Maryland annually.  It is anticipated that directory publishers will achieve the required percentages and will continue to fulfill the requirements in future years.  If the reported data shows that a directory publisher falls short of the mandated goal, then the publisher will be charged $10 for each ton of recycled content directory stock deficiency.

Each telephone directory publisher who in the previous calendar year used at least 50 tons of directory stock in telephone directories distributed in Maryland or anticipates using, in the current calendar year, at least 50 tons of directory stock in telephone directories distributed in Maryland is affected by this law.

The statutory recycled content percentage, by weight, of the total directory stock used by a directory publisher is 40% for 2005 and all subsequent calendar years.

Publishers are required to report to MDE on or before January 31st, detailing the use of recycled directory stock.   The Telephone Directory Tonnage Report was developed by MDE to ensure reporting of consistent, accurate, and complete information.  The report includes:

Only Form A - Publisher's Report needs to be returned to MDE.  Forms B and C are used by the publisher, if needed, to gather the information necessary to complete Form A.

MDE Contact
David Mrgich , Maryland Department of the Environment, LMA/Waste Diversion and Utilization Program, 1800 Washington Boulevard., Suite 610, Baltimore MD 21230-1719,  410-537-3314, toll free 800-633-6101 ext. 3314 or fax 410-537-3321.