Proper Handling of Scrap Tires

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping of scrap tires is a serious problem that occurs throughout Maryland. These scrap tire stockpiles are unsightly, pose a fire hazard, and provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes and vectors. Illegal scrap tire stockpiles also cost taxpayers and private property owners hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to clean up.

To report illegal dumping activities, please contact the Solid Waste Program at 410-537-3315.

Proper Disposal of Scrap Tires

To find licensed collection sites that collect scrap tires from the general public and which ensure that scrap tires are ultimately recycled, call the Department's Scrap Tire Program at 410-537-3314, or contact your County’s solid waste division.

Note: Be mindful that because of the challenges associated with the handling of scrap tires, most of these licensed facilities charge a handling fee for accepting your tires.​