All StAR (All State Agencies Recycle)

The Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) mandates that State government achieve a waste reduction goal of at least 30%, or to an amount that is determined "practical and economically feasible", but in no case less than 15%.

The All StAR (All State Agencies Recycle) program is the name of the State government agency recycling program. Each All StAR agency designates a Recycling Coordinator to manage their various sites throughout Maryland. The Agency Coordinator provides technical support to encourage recycling within their facility locations and to submit annual online reports detailing each facility's recycling and waste data.

State agencies achieved a recycling rate of  31.32 % for calendar year 2018.  See the breakdown for each state agency here.

House Bill 929, Environment – Recycling Rates and Waste Diversion – Statewide Goals, Chapter 692 Acts of 2012, which increases the amount of waste required to be recycled by State agencies to 30 percent in 2014.  As part of the implementation process, MDE is asking that all State agencies revise their recycling plans to include a recycling goal and steps towards reaching the goal by December 2012.  In an effort to lead by example, it is hoped that each Agency's recycling goal will be at least 40 percent in 2015.  

House Bill 595, State Government-Recycling Program-Aluminum, Glass, Paper, and Plastic became effective on October 1, 2009.  It mandates that the State Government recycling plan shall include a system for recycling aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic generated for disposal by the State government, including the placement of collection bins in State–owned or State–operated office buildings in locations in the state where it is determined to be practical and economically feasible.

State Government Recycling Plan: This plan outlines the responsibilities between MDE and the State Agency Recycling Coordinators.

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    Questions concerning the All StAR Program should be directed to Christy Bujnovszky of the Maryland Department of the Environment.  She can be reached by phone at 410-537-3314 or by email.