Environmental Justice Implementation at the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)

MDE's mission in regard to Environmental Justice (EJ) is to emphasize improvements in quality of life, economic development, and environmental protection for all communities. Implementation efforts of EJ at MDE include the following:

Identify agency responsibilities.

  • Integrate and incorporate EJ activities into state operations

Proactive Engagement.

  • Continue education of state regulators on environmental justice and sustainable communities, with specialized focus given to marginalized and disenfranchised communities
  • Strengthen government infrastructure at local levels to support marginalized communities

Recognize Environmental Justice concerns with collaborative approaches.

  • Efficiently build a network of people who are knowledgeable about the issues of concern to share expertise and advance the EJ agenda in Maryland, this includes reaching out to local businesses, legislators, planning and community organizations, and the academic community
  • Collaborate with the Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities

Offer solutions.

  • Optimize limited state resources
  • Solutions could appear in the form of increased public participation and education, public-private partnerships, innovative outreach advertising, and strategic enforcement

Cumulative Impact Workgroup

MDE will be hosting a workgroup to review how cumulative impact assessments could be incorporated into the MDE permitting process in a way that is both legal and feasible, while addressing environmental justice.

For more information on the Cumulative Impact Workgroup, click here.

The Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities (CEJSC)

CEJSC MeetingThe CEJSC is a twenty member body that is tasked with advising State government on environmental justice and analyzing the effectiveness of State and local government laws and policies to address issues of environmental justice and sustainable communities.

For more information on the CEJSC, click h​ere​.

Contact Us

If you have any environmental justice concerns, questions or need to report an environmental justice issue, please contact MDE through any one of the following:

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