Regulations for the Control of Ionizing Radiation (COMAR

COMAR 26.12.01 

COMAR includes the "Regulations for the Control of Ionizing Radiation (1994)", which is incorporated by reference. The purpose of these regulations is to protect the public and the environment from the hazards associated with ionizing radiation. The regulation includes provisions which regulate the use and possession of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines within the state. Applicable Parts of these regulations must be maintained on-site by radiation machine facilities and radioactive material licensees.

Opportunity for Public Comment on Amendments to COMAR

These proposed changes will be announced in the Maryland Register on October 22, 2021, and public comments will be accepted through November 23, 2021. The proposed COMAR amendments, Supplement 31, are available at the link below.


View the unofficial COMAR incorporated regulations here​​.  This link includes proposed changes to COMAR when applicable.

COMAR 26.12.02 and 26.12.03

Additional radiation control regulations include COMAR 26.12.02 and 26.12.03. COMAR 26.12.02, Inspection and Certification, includes requirements for State Certification of Radiation Machines, Licensing of Inspectors, and Inspection Procedures. COMAR 26.12.03, State Radiation Control Fund, includes required fees, a fee schedule, and the Consumer Price Index adjustment. A link to the official COMAR text of these regulations may be found below under Additional Links.

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