Radiological Health Licensing Guidance

Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses

Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses (NUREG-1556) - NRC Listing

Vol. 1: Program-Specific Guidance About Portable Gauge Licenses

NOTE: Additional Information Required for Applying for a Maryland Portable Gauge License

Vol. 2: Program-Specific Guidance About Industrial Radiography Licenses

Vol. 3: Applications for Sealed Source and Device Evaluation and Registration

Vol. 4: Program-Specific Guidance About Fixed Gauge Licenses

Vol. 5: Program-Specific Guidance About Self-Shielded Irradiator Licenses

Vol. 6: Program-Specific Guidance About 10 CFR Part 36 Irradiator Licenses

Vol. 7: Program-Specific Guidance About Academic, Research and Development, and Other Licenses of Limited Scope

Vol. 8: Program-Specific Guidance About Exempt Distribution Licenses

Informational Note - NRC

Vol. 9: Program-Specific Guidance About Medical Use Licenses

Vol. 10: Program-Specific Guidance About Master Materials Licenses

Vol. 11: Program-Specific Guidance About Licenses of Broad Scope

Vol. 12: Program-Specific Guidance About Possession Licenses for Manufacturing and Distribution

Vol. 13: Program-Specific Guidance About Commercial Radiopharmacy Licenses

Vol. 14: Program-Specific Guidance About Well Logging, Tracer, and Field Flood Study Licenses

Vol. 15: Program-Specific Guidance About Changes of Control and About Bankruptcy Involving Byproduct, Source, or Special Nuclear Material Licenses

Vol. 16: Program-Specific Guidance About Licenses Authorizing Distribution to General Licensees

Vol. 17: Program-Specific Guidance About Special Nuclear Material of Less than Critical Mass Licenses

Vol. 18: Program-Specific Guidance About Service Provider Licenses

Vol. 20: Guidance About Administrative Licensing Procedures

Vol. 21: Program-Specific Guidance About Possession Licenses for Production of Radioactive Material Using an Accelerator

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