Group 2 - Medical Accelerators

  1. Complete the Radiation Machine Facility Registration Form (MDE RX1)
  2. Include the installation reports from service companies (FDA 2579 and/or MDE RX-24).
  3. Complete the Payment Transmittal Form.
  4. Include the annual fee for the radiation machine tube.
  5. Complete the Application for Certified Registration of Particle Accelerator (MDE RX3).  This application must be reviewed by the Radiation Machines Division prior to the issuance of a registration.
  6. Submit a plan review (shielding review of the location of the machine and surrounding areas). Submit an area survey of the external vault area after installation of the accelerator, but before patient use.
  7. If a used radiation machine is purchased/installed, then the radiation machine, in addition to registration, must undergo a certification inspection by a State licensed private inspector prior to operation.
  8. Radiation machine facilities that are free standing ambulatory facilities with cardiac catheterization labs, computed tomography (CT) scanner(s), linear accelerator(s), or lithotripter(s) must provide a copy of the current license issued by the Maryland Department of Health Office of Health Care Quality.
  9. Individual personnel dosimetry (film badges) must be worn by machine operators.
  10. The check and the above required items must be mailed to the Department at the following address:
    • Mailing address:

      Maryland Department of the Environment
      P.O. Box 2198
      Baltimore, MD 21203-2198

      To expedite the registration process, in addition to mailing the required information to the P.O. Box above, also fax the items mentioned above plus a copy of the check to (410) 537-3198, ATTN: Radiation Machines Division, or e-mail to


      All of the above items are needed prior to the Department granting the facility a registration. The use of a radiation machine prior to registration is strictly prohibited and will result in enforcement action.


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      If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Eva Nair at (410) 537-3193 or toll free 800-633-6101, extension 3193, or via email at​.

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