Regulatory Guidelines for Dental Radiation Machines

The Radiological Health Program, in cooperation with the Maryland State Dental Advisory Task Force, has developed Regulatory Guidelines for Dental Radiation Machines. This document is a consolidation of existing dental regulations from the Code of Maryland Regulations, and includes brief summary statements on selected regulations for ease of understanding.

The document incorporates all regulations from COMAR that are applicable to dental registrants and the use of dental radiation machines. The document has a two-column layout. The text on the left side is an unofficial version of the official printed rule. The text on the right side contains a summary of selected portions of the rules. Appendices are included at the end of the document to provide assistance for the dental registrant to come into compliance with these regulations.

Click here to download a copy of the Guidelines. 

Contact Information

For further information concerning compliance with MDE regulations regarding use and storage of dental radiation machines, please contact Eva Nair at 410-537-3193 or​​