Asbestos Services

Maryland's Training and Accreditation Requirements 

Asbestos abatement work includes any activity which disturbs asbestos, including repairing, encapsulating, and removal. Examples of people who provide asbestos services include supervisors, workers, inspectors, project designers, and managment planners.

Training: Anyone who engages in an asbestos service must sucessfully complete a training course which has been accredited by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) or the EPA.

Accreditation: Anyone that serves as an asbestos supervisor, worker, inspector, managemetn planner, project designer, or training provider must be accredited by the State of Maryland.

- Anyone with training after October 1, 2013 is required to take a third-party exam given by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).

Third-Party exam information


An asbestos contractor may apply for a license by submitting an application, with the required fee, to the MDE Asbestos Division. A contractor must employ only qualified individuals to provide asbestos services.

Training Providers

Training Courses- are accredited by the  State of Maryland based on the submission of a satisfactory curriculum, the use of accredited instructors, and passing an on-site audit by MDE.

For more information, contact the Asbestos Division of the Maryland Department of the Environment at 410-537-3200. ​​