There is no financial assistance for asbestos removal by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Maryland Licensed Asbestos Contractors



The program has a list of Consultants that is provided only as a resource. The Department does not license, nor in any way issue permits for these companies in their roles as consultants. The companies provided the information in the list. The Department, by listing these firms, on this list makes no recommendation or referral of any of the companies listed, over any company not listed.


Waste Disposal

The following is a list of landfills in Maryland that accept asbestos waste. The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Asbestos Division at 410-537-3200 requires that you notify the landfill prior to disposal. MDE suggests you contact the landfill at least 24 hours before disposal in order to find out if they will accept your waste and to allow the landfill operator time to prepare a site for burial.

​Maryland Landfills that accept asbestos waste