Public Health

Piscataway Creek (Tidal and Non-Tidal) PFAS Study in Surface Water and Fish Tissue

In late 2020 and early 2021, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) initiated a targeted study of the occurrence of PFAS compounds in surface water and fish tissue in the Piscataway Creek area.  The Piscataway Creek PFAS study included monitoring for PFAS in surface waters and fish tissue in the tidal and non-tidal waters of Piscataway Creek, and Nanjemoy Creek (a reference site with tidal and non-tidal sampling locations similar to and south of Piscataway Creek with no known PFAS sources). MDE determined that it would be beneficial to sample PFAS levels in surface water and fish tissue in Piscataway Creek to better understand human health risk and potential sources of PFAS.  The results and conclusions from this study will be used by MDE to determine the need for more immediate risk reduction actions, such as the issuance of fish advisories.