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Indoor Air Quality

General Indoor Air Quality links

Air quality inside homes, schools, and other buildings can be an important aspect of your health and the environment. Use the links below to learn more.

Mold information

The Maryland Department of the Environment does not have a program to evaluate mold concerns or provide assistance for addressing mold-related problems.

General information about mold can be accessed through these link:

Rental Units

If you rent an apartment or house, mold and/or factors contributing to mold may be included in local housing or livability codes.
Local government agencies that enforce these codes can be a resource for mold concerns in rental units. The specific agency depends on the county or municipality in which the residence is located.


Radon gas occurs naturally and can cause lung cancer. Testing for radon is simple, and fixes for elevated levels are available. Use the links below to learn more.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a preventable cause of death. Use the links below to learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Environmental tobacco smoke / secondhand smoke

Secondhand smoke poses risks to infants, children, and adults. Learn about these health risks and Maryland’s Clean Indoor Air Act at the links below.