Public Health

Children’s Environmental Health

Children’s Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council  (leaving MDE's webpage)

The Children’s Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council was established by statute in 2000 and includes representatives from a diversity of backgrounds.

Maryland’s Children and the Environment  (leaving MDE's webpage) 

This 2008 report is the first State-wide assessment of children’s environmental health in Maryland.

Mid-Atlantic Center for Children's Health and the Environment  (leaving MDE's website)

This is a children’s environmental health resource for families and healthcare providers. The Center is based at Georgetown University Medical Center and serves Maryland and other states in the Mid-Atlantic region. It is part of a national network of Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units  (leaving MDE's website).

Toll-free phone number:  1-866-622-2431

What are Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units? (leaving MDE's website)

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