Every day, Maryland Green Registry members are actively conserving energy, water, and material usage -- actions that reduce operating costs and environmental impacts, including the production of greenhouse gases.   

        The Maryland Climate Champion Challenge asks members to share at least five of the climate-friendly practices they have in place. Your organization will be listed here with a link to your Maryland Green Registry profile and you'll be entered into a prize drawing at the annual Maryland Green Registry Leadership Awards event on June 28, 2018. Prizes will include a variety of environmental services and products that aim to improve resource efficiency and save you money. 

        To enter, simply check five or more boxes on the Maryland Climate Champion Challenge form, but don't stop there!  Update your Maryland Green Registry profile to tell everyone more about the successful practices and policies you have in place.   


The following is a list of the actions found on the entry form with links to additional resources:
  • Has your organization developed a greenhouse gas emissions inventory or carbon footprint and set a specific greenhouse gas reduction goal?

A greenhouse gas emissions inventory is a way to identify, quantify and manage emission sources.  The Greenhouse Gas Protocol is the most widely used by businesses and government.

Smaller organizations may want to use tools such as this carbon footprint calculator​ to identify sources, emissions, and specific measures relevant to their business type and size.​

Specific goals can be in the form of percentage reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by a certain date measured from a baseline year, or science-based targets that relate to your business sector and size.  
  • Does your organization implement energy conservation measures?

    Energy audits and careful tracking of energy usage will offer opportunities to reduce. Learn more here​ about incentives and rebates to upgrade equipment and lighting through your utility company and state and local programs. 
  • Does your organization employ efficient transportation practices that address business travel, product distribution or employee commute?

Learn more here about fleet management and innovative tools that increase transportation efficiency and significantly reduce fuel usage.
  • Does your organization produce solar or wind energy on site?

    Learn more about incentives​ and renewable energy contractors in Maryland.
  • Does your organization implement water conservation measures?
 Learn more here​ about optimizing water use in processing, cleaning, and irrigation.
  • Does your organization emphasize waste reduction and conservation of raw materials first, followed by recycling and composting?

    Conduct a waste audit of your facility to identify areas of opportunity. Use mdrecycles.org to identify companies that accept materials not collected by your commercial or local government recycling service.
  • Does your organization offer a product or service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions for your customers and/or clients?



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