Maryland Joins the 2023 Worldwide Climate Teach-In!

​​What is the Worldwide Climate Teach-in?

The Maryland Commission on Climate Change has embraced the 2023 Worldwide Climate Teach-in for our state.  It's a powerful way for students and educators to talk about climate and justice. Why is this critical? Because if we don’t talk about climate c​hange, then we won’t act to stop it. We all need to become comfortable talking about climate, all the time. The teach-in helps us do that by creating real dialogue. ​

A Climate Teach-In is​ a bottom-up educational event focused on just solutions to the climate crisis in local communities and globally. The Teach-in is a call to ​organize events in your class, campus or community on or around March 29th, 2023.  

Teach-ins can be at co​lleges, universities, primary, middle and secondary
schools, museums, or in faith or civil society communities - anywhere people come together.  

​​This video explains eve​rything​ you need to know about what a Teach-in is, why it's of value and how to organize a  Climate Teach-in. Will you join us?

Pledge to Join the 2023 Climate ​Teach-In:​​ 

Please fill out this pledge form to let us know you want to participate in a Teach-In on or around March 29th. We plan to announce how many participants hosted a Teach-In in the ​media, and on our website and at the Commission on Climate Cha​nge meeting on April 20th.  ​We're hoping Maryland will host more Teach-Ins than any other state!

How can you host a Climate Teach-In? ​

We have several ​Teach-In models so you can tailor your Teach-In to your institution!

The Three-Hour Teach-in is an all-school event where faculty members join cross-disciplinary panels to discuss climate justice and solutions. It’s a terrific way to create interdisciplinary dialogue about climate solutions across your campus and engage hundreds of students. Our in-class model, #MakeClimateAClass, asks educators to discuss how climate pertains to their field during a 30-minute class discussion. A participating educator would then invite an alumnus who works in that field and on climate issues to discuss what working professionally on climate can look like. This is an exciting way to engage students from a career perspective. Those are just two of our models, but we have even more.  Check out these Teach-In models!​

Resour​ces: ​

Test your knowledge with CLIMATE 

We encourage K-12 teachers to #Teach10Hours4Climate! See our​
#Teach10Hours4ClimateGuide​ with worksheets and links to curricular resources.​

Join a regular Wednesday info session via Climate Teach-In webinars, hosted by Bard College at 10am and 9pm to develop your Climate educator skills, and learn more about bringing the 2023 WorldWide Teach-in to your community on or about 3.29.23. 

Check out the Earth Day organization's​ climate and literacy resources page​.  

NASA offers many climate resources for educators. 

More climate resources specific to Maryland can be found here​. 



​Join Us for the 2023 Climate Teach-In on March 29th!

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