Water Quality Analyses (WQA) with EPA Concurrence of MDE's Findings: Bird River

The Bird River (basin code 02130803) is located in Baltimore County, Maryland in the tidal portion of the Gunpowder River watershed and flows south into the Chesapeake Bay.  Bird River was identified on the State’s 1996 list of water quality limited segments (WQLSs) as impaired by nutrients and sediments.  The document available below addresses the nutrient impairment in the tidal portion of Bird River; the sediment impairment will be addressed at a future date.

An analysis of recent monitoring data shows that the dissolved oxygen criterion and designated uses associated with nutrients are being met in Bird River.  The analysis supports the conclusion that a TMDL for nutrients is not necessary to achieve water quality in this case.  Barring any contradictory future data, this report will be used as supporting material when Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) proposes the revision of Maryland’s 303(d) list for public review. 

Although the waters of Bird River do not display signs of eutrophication, the State reserves the right to require future controls in the Bird River watershed if evidence suggests nutrients from the basin are contributing to downstream water quality problems.


WQA of Eutrophication for the Tidal Bird River in Baltimore County, Maryland

(Concurrence May 9, 2005)

EPA's Decision Letter

EPA's Decision Letter

Main Report 

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