Final TMDL Accepted as Information to Delist: Antietam Creek

Antietam Creek, which originates in southern Pennsylvania and flows through Maryland near Hagerstown as it proceeds to the Potomac River, was identified on the State’s 1996 list of Water Quality Limited Segments (WQLSs) as impaired for nutrients.  Upon consideration of additional water quality data, the Department determined that the impairment is attributed to low dissolved oxygen levels.  The document available below establishes Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for the Nitrogenous and Carbonaceous Oxygen Demand (CBOD & NBOD) entering Antietam Creek.  

TMDLs of Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (CBOD) and Nitrogeneous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (NBOD) for Antietam Creek, Washington County, Maryland

(Concurrence September 16, 2002)

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