Final TMDLs Approved by EPA: Mill Creek in the Lower Patuxent River

Mill Creek is a small coastal embayment located on the upstream western side of the Lower Patuxent River, approximately 35.2 km from the mouth, Charles County, MD.  Mill Creek has a length of approximately 620 m and its width ranges from 90 to 122 m.  The embayment flows into the Patuxent River, just north of Indian Creek.  Mill Creek has a drainage area of 359 acres (1.45 km2 ).  Most of the Mill Creek watershed is contained within the Patuxent Vista Natural Resource Management Area.

Mill Creek of Lower Patuxent River Basin (basin number 02131101) was first identified on the 1998 303(d) List submitted to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).  The designated uses in Mill Creek were listed as impaired by fecal coliform in a restricted shellfish harvesting area within the basin (MDE 2006).  The document, available below, establishes a TMDL of fecal coliform for the restricted shellfish harvesting area in the Mill Creek. 

Total Maximum Daily Loads of Fecal Coliform for the Restricted Shellfish Harvesting Area in Mill Creek of the Lower Patuxent River Basin in Charles County, Maryland

(Approved on August 20, 2009)

EPA's Decision Letter EPA's Decision Letter
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Comment Response Document

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